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Employee Care Program

Listen to PACEsetters’ Chaplaincy Program Director, Alastair Howie:

A Case Study Chaplaincy Program at Tyson Foods

Benefits of Employee Care Services:

Employees and their families represent the greatest investment of a company or organization; and, an investment in their well-being represents the greatest investment an organization can make toward increased performance. Our specialized care provider works in concert with leadership’s direction to build relationships onsite, focus employees on positive habits, and give support to those in crisis so that they can give their utmost to their employer. This support invariably leads to increased employee loyalty to the company and appreciation for company management, reduced employee absenteeism and turnover and increased productivity – to name only a few benefits of our Employee Care Program.

Alastair Howie, C-suite financial executive and corporate chaplain, Ben Tabbal, executive pastor and talent development leader, and Randy Kay, an ordained minister and seasoned business executive work directly with PACEsetter clients as well as utilizing the trained talent of other care providers to provide your worksite location with a wide variety of practical, educational and professional insight and coaching by respecting the unique attributes of individuals, thereby giving each individual in your company someone they can feel comfortable talking to.

Working with our partner organization, Chaplain 360, we bring extensive experience in both business and ministry to couple together the practical side of talent development with the spiritual care needed in the workplace. We understand what it takes to be both productive and satisfied within the workplace environment. Having executive business experience and pastoral training represents a rare and highly valuable offering to the vast majority of employees who rate “spiritualism,” and specifically faith in God as one of their most important facets in life – if not THE most important part of their lives.

PACEsetters has combined the benefits of skill training and coaching with the spiritual needs of our clients. We don’t proselytize, we care in ways that matter most to employees. Our service provides care providers who are mature and who have demonstrated proven character to provide exceptional service to the employees and families of our client companies.

Our care providers represent extensive business experience and ministry care-giving skills that positively impact work place performance, including ethical and spiritual coaching that includes how to relate to company management. We also offer references and support to individuals needing specific help related to problems such as drug addiction, sexual addiction, conflict, unethical behavior, and workplace or home violence. Continuing education is offered to equip employees with the skills and knowledge they need in the ever-changing world of business.

Our Employee Care Program provides mentoring within different corporate settings with seasoned veterans who understand the nuances of providing this specialized type of care. And, you can be assured that our care providers have been thorough trained and vetted to ensure the skill level and character required to help others.

Care Providers make brief, regular visits to the worksite to interact with employees so that we can build a relationship of trust and partnering.

Care Providers offer 24 hour, 365 day-a-year emergency care for individual or family crises, and work closely with company management to coordinate spiritual (Christ-centered) care for any company emergency.

What Your Care Team Will Not Do

  • Interfere with employee work performance
  • Force a conversation or impose relationships with employees
  • Judge lifestyle or personal conduct
  • Report to management regarding confidential employee behavior
  • Break confidentiality of discussions with employees
  • Promote a particular religious group or church, preach or proselytize
  • Accept gifts or gratuities from employees for any service provided

Personal Spiritual Care

  • Care Providers offer confidential connections for problem issues of employees and their immediate family members, including, but not limited to, serious illness, relationships, care of children with disabilities and aging parents, death and grief recovery, parenting, as well as any other personal issues.
  • At leadership request, Care Providers offer post-termination care for laid-off or terminated employees, in order to help create a positive transition to another work environment.
  • Our Care Providers facilitate assistance for employees or immediate family members who require professional help with issues related to drug or alcohol dependency and/or psychiatric problems through outpatient or hospitalized care.
  • Care Providers offer a referral service and act as facilitators for specialized assistance to employees or immediate family members with specific needs.

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