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PACEsetter Leaders of Faith Round Tables for Marketplace Leaders

Find out what the benefits of Round Tables can do for you and why faith-first leaders exchanging high-level and inspirational insights during their confidential Round Table can give them the guidance and support they need to make a significant impact in their workplace.

PACEsetters is committed to make a positive impact on the workplace. Too many great individuals and organizations get lost in the challenges of issues considered “too personal” for the workplace. Studies now confirm that a culture that supports peoples’ faith produces more motivated employees and a thriving work environment that positively impacts performance.

PACEsetters realized that faith-minded people could provide so much more if given an opportunity to use their network, time, unique abilities, giftings or resources to help fellow leaders reflect their true passions. The result is a truly dynamic meeting opportunity that serves the faith needs as well as the marketplace needs of leaders like you

At our quarterly meetings, faith-based leaders share their vision, needs, challenges and opportunities, providing fellow members an option to come alongside and support one another. In addition, we hold a few special events throughout the year to promote community outreaches. The needs of Christ-centered leaders at these events are always diverse, and we enjoy the refreshing and uplifting outcomes of coming together in a common mission to serve God faithfully

While attendance at this Round Table is limited to members and pre-qualified prospective members, please let us know if you have an interest in learning more about the PACEsetters/Chaplain 360 Leaders of Faith Round Table, and how participatoin could benefit you. Contact Us

  • Mission: Connecting leaders, positively impacting lives to see the time, talent, impact and direction of Christian marketplace leaders help others in their workplace thrive.
  • Vision: Equip, Motivate and Grow Engage thousands of Christian marketplace leaders in spiritual leadership within their work world.
  • Develop Leadership Practices Based on Godly Principles: Increase Roundtable sessions where workplace leaders can create thriving cultures in every American metropolitan area with a population of at least one million.