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Thriving Mindset Leadership (TML) was developed to meet a need for professional development that goes beyond improving skills. TML offers a way to guide people on a journey that engages their natural, internal drives, identifies and expands their mindset, and builds on their strengths so they can reach their full potential. The goal is to develop an organization of high-performing people and teams who are able to be the best they can be.

TML Workshop


The TML model is a strengths-based approach for influencing others. It allows people to help others explore how effective they can be and improve their performance. Using this model, people feel it’s safe to leave their comfort zones because they feel valued, meaningfully engaged, and empowered.

Questionnaire & Assessment

The Resilient Mindsets Questionnaire measures human resilience and competency. It is a way to understand and change how people approach the world. The questionnaire is based on the proven Resiliency: Assessing Developmental Strengths questionnaire.

Participants receive an individual profile that they bring to the workshop. Results are confidential, and participants are not required to share personal information during the workshop.

The results of having the assessment include:

  • A deeper understanding of your personal leadership style
  • Knowledge about the neuroscience behind influencing, engaging, and leading others

To learn more about the theory and science behind TML, click the link to read the Thriving Mindset Leadership white paper.