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The Power to Thrive resulted from a multi-disciplinary study over several decades to uncover the foundations and corresponding skill sets for high achievers who thrive in their careers and lives. These foundations for thriving are Purpose, Attitude, Connection, and Energy. The Power to Thrive course develops these four essential foundations, and the skills necessary to excel within each one. Included with the course is a Thriving Indicator Assessment and the workbooks for building each foundation using validated and proven approaches. At the end of The Power to Thrive course each participant will be equipped with the following practical applications to thrive:

  • Defining individual purpose and the plans needed for making a big impact
  • Growing a thriving attitude to remain positive, resilient, and determined
  • Learning the art of successful relationship connection through effective communication
  • Freeing resources to focus energy on what matters most to sustain motivation


We instinctively know who they are – those people we admire not just for their high achievements, but also for their strength of character and their steadfast commitment to help others succeed as well, or better. They are the ones who instill within us confidence and the ability to fulfill our dreams. We call these people PACEsetters®, and for ages no one could present the formula for what makes them so amazing – until now.

Based on a 30-Year Study of Exceptional Leaders.

About The Power to Thrive course:

“I know The Power to Thrive course helped me solidify and ignite my efforts for my own ‘Big Impact.’ It challenges long standing and dysfunctional mindsets embedded within all of us and corporations. Thank you so much!!!” – Lani Callison, Corporate Training Executive

About The Power to Thrive book:

“I have heard it said that inspiration is more important than information. But I believe that Randy Kay has combined them both in the book, The Power to Thrive, so that each reader will be both inspired to succeed and will have the information at hand to do so.” – Rich Marshall, Author of God@Work and God@WorkII

Please contact us now to schedule your online or onsite workshop, or to receive a copy of the recently launched book, The Power to Thrive!. Gain the power to thrive in the most critical areas of your career and life: Purpose, Attitude, Connection, and Energy!

The Power to Thrive! is based on extensive research conducted by the strategic development firm, TenorCorp, and is entertainingly detailed in Randy Kay’s book, The Power to Thrive!.

Randy Kay is the CEO of TenorCorp, former CEO of three successful companies, corporate trainer/designer for Fortune 100 companies, and former marketing/sales executive for world-leading organizations. You can read two sample chapters from his The Power to Thrive! book here ( Chapter 1 | Chapter 4 ). Kay is also the author of the most comprehensive collection of success factors in one book, Daily Keys to Success







The PACE Formula ®, your pathway toward becoming the person you've always admired for their achievements, thriving nature, and altruism. Based on over 30 years of research, and after studying thousands of high achievers, the research and development firm, TenorCorp, determined the foundations of a PACEsetters®, and the skills & development needs required to develop as one of these amazing leaders.


Join us for a your journey in developing the four foundations of a PACEsetters® - Purpose, Attitude, Connection, and Energy.


Throughout the year, PACEsetter instructors are available to impart the PACE Formula through a customized approach for organizations. Should you wish to learn more about an exclusive session for your group or organization, please contact us.

These courses are available to anyone aged 18 or older for a $120 fee. Please check our events page for an updated schedule of these one-day workshops. Throughout the year, PACEsetters instructors are adding more of these transforming workshops, so please contact us for custom (e.g., at your location) requests as well as for new additions.


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PACEsetters author Randy Kay hosts a weekly radio broadcast that includes interviews with notable PACEsetters, insights about the PACE Formula, and relevant information that can help you live a thriving life. You can join this live broadcast each Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. PST, 2:00 p.m. EST, or listen to the recorded broadcasts at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pacesetters