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How to Change your Mindset for Success



Numerous internet articles or YouTube videos of motivators will tell you more than a thousand ways to change your mindset to attain success in your career. But if only it were that easy, every other person would be truly successful not only in their careers and lives.


The most common and ubiquitous advice to change one’s mindset for success is to change your outlook. Have a positive outlook, engage in positive self-talk, love yourself, think good is all the same pep talk you’d receive from most self-help trainers and life coaches. And it is quite effective, as the underlying principle in all these is you get what you attract. If you firmly believe and act like good things will happen to you, they might as well happen to you. There have been various books on the same principle – the law of attraction.


Moving further, there are other ways to change your mindset for attaining success:


  • Learn from your mistakes. If you keep learning lessons from each time you make a mistake, one day you’d stop making mistakes in what you do. Instead of getting disheartened or developing low self-esteem, it is best to embrace your mistakes and learn lessons from them.
  • Surround yourself with people who match the right mindset for your goals. For example, if you want to be a successful painter, surround yourself with other painters and artists. It is easier to adapt a new mindset when you see that it is working for other people.
  • Develop new interests and habits to support your goals. Your life can be more fulfilling if you have diverse areas of interests in your life. Integrate effective habits into your routine that help you change your mindset and re-enforce your thinking with action. Learning new skills, doing mental exercises, developing more discipline are some of the many ways you can do this.


A Hay Group study cited by Forbes shows that 90% of employers worldwide believe skills like self-control and teamwork are becoming increasingly important for workplace success as society evolves. But the found that every one in four HR managers surveyed said that entry-level employees are becoming less and less proficient in these skills over time.


This shows that most people somewhat know the skills and qualities needed for workplace success. Despite that, not enough people possess those skills. This means that in spite of knowing the necessary qualities they should inculcate, it is not easy for people to develop those qualities in reality.


To actualize the qualities and skills you want to possess, one has to go through an efficient program developed especially for this. Like the Power to Thrive course by PaceSetters. The Power to Thrive resulted from a multi-disciplinary study over several decades to uncover the foundations and corresponding skill sets for high achievers who thrive in their careers and lives. Contact us now to schedule your online or onsite workshop, or to receive a copy of the recently launched book, The Power to Thrive.