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We’re Judged on Our Behaviors

Early in life, we develop behavioral preferences and patterns which we find most comfortable. These patterns are partly the result of genetics and partly learned in our early years. Some people speak quickly and are interested in taking action, for example, while others speak more slowly and hesitate to act without deliberation. Some focus on personal relationships and are quick to show personal care, while others focus on business results and rarely reveal their feelings.

Positive Interactions Blog: Behavioral Style vs Personality – What is the Difference. Our behavioral style is readily observable to others and directly affects our social interactions in all areas of life. Sometimes our behaviors are seen as positive and sometimes negative, particularly when our behavioral preferences clash with others. Over 60 years of research has identified four behavioral styles. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model defines these behavioral patterns and teaches specific techniques for creating productive relationships with people of any style.

Emotional Intelligence Training – The Third-Generation EQ Model

Our brain is highly complex, and the emotional side vastly outweighs the rational side. In essence, the emotional brain controls us, while the rational brain is too often left to contemplate our actions in retrospect.Our emotions tend to be negative more often than positive. We fear the worst, and we look for danger in the midst of change. We act impulsively without considering natural consequences. All of this occurs subconsciously because of the way our brain functions. But where these natural tendencies helped us survive in the past, our brain’s function is not a great fit for the challenges in the modern workplace.

Positive Interactions Blog: Learn why willpower is believed to be the greatest human strength Efforts to develop emotional intelligence have shown that EQ skills significantly correlate with improved leadership performance, improved sales and more successful recruiting. TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model offers a way to understand our emotions and those of others. With that understanding, we can control our emotions, influence others and achieve greater success. As the third-generation Emotional Intelligence model, Behavioral EQ draws on years of research to present practical and actionable strategies for putting EQ to work in meaningful ways. Behavioral EQ training focuses on real people achieving real results in the real world.


Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences teaches Social Styles in a one day workshop. It's similar in design to Producing Results with Others, but it's streamlined to produce maximum results for a one day workshop. Participant still learn the Social Style Model, get the full multi-rater assessment, and have a chance to apply the concepts to their own job.

Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences

  • Introduces Social Style concepts, including Versatility, with lower cost and time commitment for the workshop
  • Save travel costs and time off the job
  • Fit into the executive/managerial staff schedule where time is limited
  • Is ideal for a national or regional staff meetings

For more information, please call us at 760-814-2986 or contact us to discuss the right option for your organization.

Here's a quick look at the schedule of the one day Social Style workshop

8:00 AM


Session Purpose

Benefits of style Training

Participant Introductions


Program Assumtions

The Success Model

Observing Differences


Dimensions of Behavior


Assertiveness & Responsiveness




Exercise: Strengths/Weaknesses, Famous People, Slogan


Key Characteristics of Each Style


SOCIAL STYLE Profile - Your Style

12:00 Lunch  


Debrief SOCIAL STYLE Profile Reports


Tension Management


Versatility & The Four Sources of Versatility


SOCIAL STYLE Profile Report - Your Versatility


Exercise : Role Play


Exercise : Expert Panel

4:30 Rules for Observing Style and Final Q&A
5:00 Session Conclusion

We recommend some type of follow-up within six months of implementing this Social Styles Workshop. One popular option is the Social Style Reinforcement Workshop, which focuses on enhancing Versatility even further.

Why PACEsetters®

  • One of the key differentiators of PACEsetters® is that we talk about follow-up and coaching at the onset of our business relationship. This helps you to get a better ROI from your investment.
  • We customize all of our training around your markets, customers, and products. Custom Training helps participants quickly apply the knowledge and skills.
  • Our instructors are certified by Tracom. They have significant business experience and have outstanding reputations as facilitators. You will get a quality and highly-rated outcome.
  • We provide our clients value-added services such as customization, executive and versatility coaching, and follow-up sessions often for no extra charge.