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Increasing Sales with SOCIAL STYLE, Versatility, and with LEARN Selling

Sales relationships thrive or fail based on the defining moments of every customer interaction. Successful sales professionals have the ability to quickly read signals from buyers and adapt for maximum impact. The keys to this kind of adaptability lie in understanding each customer’s distinct behavioral style, while being aware of how our own styles can be perceived by others.

Key questions to ask in each customer interaction include:

  • How does your customer prefer to use time? Should you get right to business or spend some time socializing?
  • What will drive their decision-making process? Do you need to provide facts and figures or paint an exciting big picture?
  • How can you effectively sell to a committee when each member seems so different?

Your prospects’ behavior provides cues to help you maximize every interaction. Understanding these behaviors will increase rapport, shorten the selling process and increase your sales results.

SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s best-known behavioral model because it’s easy to learn and apply, and because it works. Find out why sales teams across the globe rely on SOCIAL STYLE to drive greater results and increase customer loyalty.

Selling to Teams Selling to teams can be especially challenging when it seems that each member brings different perspectives, expectations and priorities to the table. Understanding the behavioral styles of each team member can help salespeople to craft approaches and value propositions that appeal to everyone, while communicating in ways that meet the needs of each person’s personality.
Building Relationships In many cases, salespeople no longer have information that customers require–they’ve already done their research and know exactly what they are looking for. Today more than ever, salespeople’s differentiating strength is their ability to build mutually beneficial customer relationships by helping to solve customers’ needs in ways that an online search simply cannot.

More than $2 billion per year is spent on sales training with the focus on sales methodology, processes, product knowledge and sales-force automation. And yet only 60% of sales forces make their quota on average, and less than 30% exceed goals for consecutive years, with the vast majority of sales being produced by a small minority in the sales force.

Indeed, there is little evidence that the common skills training differentiates top sales performers from the rest of the field. In fact, studies show that Social Intelligence is a much better predictor of sales success than technical selling skills. Social Intelligence helps salespeople to build rapport, deliver value and close deals, building lasting customer relationships along the way.

We use Tracom's industry leading Social Styles training in addition to our customized selling approach to provide both the strategic and relationship skills necessary to succeed in today's world. LEARN Selling from PACEsetters® was developed over the course of several years to help high achievers build collaborative partnerships. LEARN stands for Listen, Empathize, Adapt, Relate, and Negotiate - the foundational process for developing new customers and securing existing ones.


The most effective selling skills model for today's complex world.

LEARN Selling is a practical, hands-on program developed from TenorCorp's extensive research into effective selling skills. Based on the best-validated success factors for selling, the program uses an innovative design that not only develops selling skills, but provides the tools needed for ongoing account development.

Are your sales opportunities moving expeditiously through the sales funnel?

Do relationships, decision makers, and influencers change over time in the sales process, thus affecting your ability to safeguard or expand business?

LEARN Selling teaches salespeople to secure confident relationships (opening potential and existing customers to greater influence) and to develop these relationships into collaborative interactions for negotiating mutual success (removing the "us and them" form of interactions to "we're in this together"). Collaborative and harmonic relationships are the surest foundations for sales development.

Sales people will learn how to: 

  • Uncover hidden customer wins and establish mutual trust for moving the process forward
  • Present their offerings with the utmost impact, avoiding price discussions and common distrusts of salespeople
  • Differentiate their personal and professional value to the customer, even in a commodity environment
  • Build business upon non-manipulative foundations that can develop longterm success
  • Make the salesperson a trusted business partner versus just a sales provider

Move potential to actual revenues  with PACEsetter's breakthrough LEARN selling skills!