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Your culture affects your organization’s performance.

You know your culture is not entirely healthy. And you can see the consequences in your organization’s performance. Many of your employees express frustration and a sense of powerlessness at work, and you’ve recently lost talented new hires to your competition. Too many employees waste their efforts toward initiatives that struggle due to lack of leadership or buy-in. Few seem to know the company’s strategic direction, and they’re receiving confusing messages from the leadership. What can you do?

You need knowledge to inform your course of action.

Without a clear understanding of your organization’s culture, you could worsen the problem by investing more resources in the wrong places.PACEsetter’s organizational culture survey solves this problem by providing a map of your current cultural state. Click on the graphic for more detail.

Organizational Culture Survey

Learn more about this model and the key elements of culture that will help your organization improve business performance.


Key Offerings

  • • Identify areas of cultural strength and weakness
  • • Troubleshoot points of internal friction
  • • Back up your culture initiative with hard data
  • • Measure your culture improvement over time
  • • Strengthen your business performance
  • • Create a culture that will attract and retain quality talent
  • • Utilize additional valid and benchmarked assessment models to explore: employee engagement, employee commitment, innovation, trust, and safety and risk management
  • • Get real-time feedback to advance needed change through the survey. 

How it Works

As your employees take the culture survey, PACEsetters maps their responses against the Denison Model. The cumulative data will show you areas of alignment and discord in the four key drivers of high performance—mission, adaptability, involvement and consistency.

Then provide you with a baseline against which to measure future improvement. For over 25 years, the Denison model has been used to track improvement in organizational culture in leading businesses around the globe. We have witnessed through this method the correlation between healthy organizational culture and high-performing businesses. See how you measure up.