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Become a high performance seller


Sales training is an integral part of businesses now more than ever, owing to stiff competition. In the US alone, more than $2 billion per year is being spent on sales training.  Despite that, 55% of the people working in sales don’t have the right skills to be successful. This is not so much about the lack of sales talent as it is about the inability of most sales organizations to provide sales representatives with the correct tools and training they need to be successful. Sales is a talent-based profession. So the more you hone your talent, the more you succeed in it. This is a guide to becoming a high performance seller to sales professionals who want to achieve big in any industry.


Nearly 13% of all the jobs in the U.S. (1 in 8) are full time sales positions. Hence, it is imperative for sales executives to learn the right sales training with a focus on behavioral techniques. This is due to the fact that most successful sales professionals rely on their ability to read behavioral signals from their prospective buyers and act accordingly at the right time for successful conversion. Studies show that Social Intelligence is a much better predictor of sales success than technical selling skills.


To become a high performance seller, one must pay special emphasis on social intelligence. One of the leading behavioral models in the world is Social Style. It helps sales professionals to build relationships with relative ease, establish mutual trust and change the customer’s perception of the salesperson from just a service provider to a trusted business partner.


This is where LEARN Selling comes into the picture.  LEARN Selling from PACEsetters is the perfect combination of the popular Social Styles training and a customized selling approach to inculcate both the strategic and relationship skills in a salesperson. LEARN Selling is a program that was developed as a result of long years of extensive research by TenorCorp in the best selling techniques. LEARN stands for Listen, Empathize, Adapt, Relate, and Negotiate. These are the five pillars of effective behavioral selling technique.


Enrolling into the LEARN Selling program would rebuild the way a salesperson views her job. It is not a run-of-the-mill sales training that teaches you the same old sales techniques. Almost every salesperson has received that kind of training. LEARN Selling would make a salesperson stand apart from all that noise. In this program, not only would you learn the techniques to convert prospects into customers, but also how to build strong confident relationships and to enhance these relationships into stable interactions leading to combined success of the client and salesperson. One would develop the essence of non-manipulative foundations, which are the stepping stones to long-term success of sales professionals. This eliminates the usual distrust of salespeople, which is one of the biggest obstacles to selling.


Unlock your potential to generate record-breaking revenues with the innovative LEARN Selling program by PACEsetters. To know more about the program, contact our experts on 760-845-1034.