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Driving Performance and Leadership Through Personal Development

Here at PACEsetters ® our members have been working within the professional development and leadership training industry for over 30 years. We offer a unique range of training programs focused on the development of thriving skills, leadership skills and personal skills. We created a methodology using The Power to Thrive! and Thriving Mindset Leadership to transform careers and personal lives in the areas of Purpose, Attitude, Connection, and Energy – to thrive! And, we have an ever-growing reputation as the ‘integrity-based’ training company offering gold standard platforms and transformative thriving mindset human development.

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Randy Kay’s New Book – The Power To Thrive


What Sets Us Apart

  • Exclusive and Transformative Thriving Mindset Courses Based on Multi-Disciplinary Studies Over Several Decades
  • Validated Thriving Mindset Assessments to Determine Your State of Thriving
  • The First Corroborated Thriving Mindset Talent Development to Increase Performance, Reduce Turnover, and Identify Top Leaders
  • Exclusive PACE ® Formula
  • Partnerships with Leading Training Designers
  • Depth and Breadth of Solutions
  • Trained "Care Providers" (workplace chaplains)
  • Proven Results
  • Flexibility and Customer Commitment
  • Industry Leading Platforms
  • Training & Coaching Expertise

About Us

Our collective experience spanning several decades has taught us that each individual and every organization is uniquely formed by its values, passions, skills, abilities, and mission.

PACEsetters ® has partnered with leading organizations around the world to offer the best possible training and development in proven areas critical to success. "Helping Individuals and Organizations Set the PACE for Achievement with Significance."

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